The Japanese have an artistic imagination. The culture in Japan, both traditional and contemporary, along with the subculture is driven by the same reasons, trend, tourism and economic growth. On this site, we have put them all together for the fashion-minded who wants to learn more about Japan.

You will never confuse sashimi with sushi anymore after reading about the Japanese cuisines on this site. Also, find out about where ka kawaii connects with food in Japan. Kawaii is not just some multicolor form of dressing, it is a culture to a Japanese and is applied in almost everything in Japan.

This site also contains hints of manga mania and how they all contribute to the lifestyle in Japan. Also, read about the manga charm that has evaded the casinos and gaming world, and about the manga slot games and characters. Furthermore, this site tells you about the trend of using these characters in fashion and other productions like toys.

Everyone in Japan, both young and old, seem to have been initiated into the cute cult. Afterall, there is no crime for being and living cute. This site will tell you more about the cuteness that has been echoing from Japan to the rest of the world. It will tell you where and how it is applied, especially what the fashion streets in Japan are all about. Whether it’s merely weirdness or quality, as they say, Japanese street fashion is contagious. Readers who desire to live or visit Japan have to be prepared for cuteness.