The Japanese are great lovers of art, culture, and rice. Food preparation and presentation is considered to be an art which is why they take a lot of care when preparing or presenting their dishes. There is so much a Japanese chef can do with food, like transforming leftovers into a meal. These dishes are further broken down into a more comprehensible list. Some of the dishes include: rice, noodle, soybean, nabe meat, seafood and many others that are not mentioned here.

Japanese have a range of raw dishes, however, some dishes are grilled, boiled or deep fried. Each distinct geographical region in Japan has its own traditional cuisine, and people can enjoy a diverse set of dishes from place to place.

Popular Rice Dishes

The traditional cuisines of Japan, that are based on rice, are varied. Rice, which is a staple food, is served along with the main dish and then a side dish to make it a complete meal. It is served this way both at home and in restaurants.

  • Donburi is a group name for a chunk of simmered fish, meat or vegetables that is served in a bowl filled with rice. It is sometimes called sweetened or savory stews on rice. Preparation of both rice and sauce used for donburi is different depending on ingredients, season, region, and taste. Soy sauce is common for donburi.
  • Onigiri is a small amount of rice made into a lump and wrapped in dried seaweed. It is so packaged that the seaweed doesn’t get wet from the rice. It is a readily available food in Japan. Onigiri comes with fillings inside the rice like fish, pork, pickles, dried seafood and, vegetables.
  • Kayu is a Japanese rice porridge. It is prepared with a lot of water and is slowly cooked to give its form. It is thick and garnished with umeboshi. It is a perfect dish for sick people since it is easy to digest.